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    Announcement | Please stock up filaments before Tai Hing October holiday

    Release time:2020-09-15 09:16:19

    Dear Valued Partners and Customers,

    Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are coming! We wish a very happyfestive season to you and all your staff.

    In celebration of the festival, our office will be closed from 1 st to 6 th October 2020 and resume as usual operation on 7 th October 2020.

    If you have any order or request during the holiday, please inform us in advance that we can arrange production, delivery and other services to you ahead of time.

    Thank you for your understanding and apologize for the inconvenience caused. If you have any questions, please contact our sales representative or email to marketing@taihingnylon.com.

    Best regards,
    Tai Hing Nylon Filaments Products Co., Ltd